Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Moment of Independence

created on July 4, 2008 - Cambridge, MD

Independence comes in little moments for me these days.
A moment to pluck the worlds social issues out of my mind.
A moment to free my mind from the struggles of how to get by.
A moment the placement of a single flower pedal is my only goal.
A moment to find the the next splash of color needed for my piece.
A moment to be amazed at how my Higher Power provides it all.
A moment when the application and searching pays off.
A moment my soul smiles.
THAT moment I experience INDEPENDENCE.



Martin Hutchison said...

Hey Garreth,

I like your writing on independence... and it does come in moments... but is there really independence? Or are we always connected to our Higher Power in some way that makes independence impossible in it's truest form?

I really like your site and love your artwork! Especially like your theme... Why Hate - Go Create!


Martin Hutchison

GJB said...

Hey there Martin. Thanks for the fresh perspective to my post. Indeed I do think that the connection between HP and self are constant. Even when self will runs wild.

I'm certain you can relate to that sense of freedom that is obtained when there is the willingness to turn will and life over to the care of God.

The man in me finds it ironic, but it seems that the path of surrender is the path to true freedom.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I did all my ironing in your honor.

PS thanks for making the holiday delightful.

Martin Hutchison said...

How true... that the path of surrender is the path of true freedom!

so often I find that I get in the way of experiencing the freedom that God offers me...